Friday, January 12, 2007

The car window from yesterday's post is fixed. I learned in the process that 1.) The phrase "roll up your window" is now forever obsolete since all car makers have discontinued hand cranked windows. 2.) The former scissor style of window regulator, rugged and easily repairable, has been replaced with a cable system that is failure prone and must be replaced as an entire unit (a rather expensive unit) when it fails. Ain't progress wonderful.

Turning to farm news, three new lambs have arrived in the past two days. If the rain holds off I will try for pictures tomorrow.


robin said...

We all learned something today. Fortunately, my car is so old that the windows are cranked up and down by hand.

How much does contrite younger son have to pay toward repairs?

John S. Bell said...

We've got enough to do around here that I'm sure he will work it off by spring!