Tuesday, December 13, 2005

December's first lambs arrived this evening. As we walked up to the barn to feed, there were sheep were there should not be sheep, telling me that at least one gate was down, and probably more. As I groped for the light switch, I heard a smaller voice mixed in with the baaas of hungry ewes. Making my way through the tangle of sheep and fallen gate panels, there she was in the shadows, trapped under a gate and calling out to her mother, who was busy with her twin. After a quick rescue, she went into a pen with a heat lamp in place overhead. Too chilled and weak to stand, she couldn't suck, so we made do with a bottle brought down from the house. I hope that will be enough. I hope she will find her strength and make it until morning. She is the one with white on her head, just to the right of her brother. The other lamb is doing well, and in this picture is trying to persuade his mother to stand up so he can finish dinner.