Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Scrap of conversation today at the library:

"Hello Mr. Bell, how's the law business?" "Too busy, I'm afraid." "'Litigious', that's an evil word. It just sounds slimy . . ."

I left work tonight one step ahead of the annual parade for the Fireman's Carnival. When I first moved to Front Royal, I lived around the corner from the parking lot of Bing Crosby Stadium where the Carnival is held. Every year I would dread it, partly for the lost sleep from loud noise and bright lights, partly because of the extra work it would bring sorting out the fights and alcohol related incidents in Court over the succeeding weeks. Things have quieted down since those days, and it is now, mostly, a pleasant family event. Still, it brings to mind a few verses from Leigh Hanes, former poet laureate of Virginia, and himself a lawyer:


Anything can happen
When the silver crown
Of the moon is laid
On a small town.