Monday, February 21, 2011


In tribute to Alan Jacobs website here a two tree photgraphs from my achive.  The first is an ancient oak outside of Charleston, South Carolina and the second shows the fall foliage in the treeline next to the house.


G O S P E L  O F  T H E  T R E E S

A new web site by essayist, Auden scholar and Wheaton professor Alan Jacobs. Lots of leafy goodness with apt quotations to go with the photographs.

Fire Update

The fire on the mountain in the pictures below never came any closer to us.  High winds drove the flames up over the rigdeline, hopping Skyline drive and burning through Shenandoah National Park down into Rapahhanock County.  There is rain today, with sleet and snow predicted for the evening which should put an end to the burning.  Our local free paper, The Warren County Report, has online updates here.