Saturday, April 06, 2002

While Western churches have Easter behind them, Orthodox Christians are still in the midst of Lent. Here is a fine collection of Resources for Orthodox Great Lent.
I have been pondering the nature of morality lately. Underpinning the question of the nature of morality is the issue of the existence of order and beauty in the universe. An editorial essay in Image: A Journal of the Arts and Religion--Issue #33, touches on this in the context of praise and artistic expression.
This is the second month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The following by the Japanese poet Kodojin (1864-1944) seems particularly appropriate this morning:

Things Seen

Second month, and still spring chill:
only the plum blossoms open their faces.
This morning, I'll just try opening the door--
light snow falling over green mountains.

(translation by Jonathan Chaves)
Snow this morning! Only a dusting, and that disapearing quickly, but more on the mountain. Susan's car is covered, and the front porch is frosted over, snow between the boards.

Here is a haiku by the Japanese poet Issa (translation by Stephen Addiss):

Stickily stickily
clinging to everything---
spring snow