Sunday, January 16, 2005

Lambs and Liturgy

I missed church today, not an uncommon occurrence during lambing season. One of yesterday's twins had wedged itself under its mother's water bucket and greeted the morning too chilled and hungry to stand on it's own. When I found him, the fifteen minute morning feeding turned into an hour of first aid, followed by some additional care for his sister back at the barn. By the time everyone was back in their place, it was too late to get to mine. Traveling to church means an hour and half drive to St. Mary's, my home parish. This can be tough with farm and family commitments. Lately I have been attending the Greek Orthodox church in Winchester, about forty miles closer to home, just down the road by rural driving standards. Either service required a head start I just didn't have today. The Greek church has been a new and interesting experience, and I find that being there is valuable for more reasons than proximity. Although I can read only a few words of Greek and speak none, it is enough to follow along and pray together with the rest of the flock. I say "flock" with no pun intended (or at least no pun of mine) as in fact in some services the gathered Orthodox worshipers are referred to as the Lord's "rational sheep." Well, this morning was spent with God's irrational sheep attending a gathering of a different sort of flock, which I hope was nonetheless acceptable to the Shepherd over us all.