Friday, April 19, 2002

What's in the CD Player
Listening to Bill Mallonee's quirky mix of British pop and Athens GA alternative on Summershine.
Thunderstorms yesterday. It seems in these times that the chief sign of a storm is the backup power supply for the computer clamping and screaming in alarm. At my office in the old section of the Courthouse I at least have windows. Mine were built for the days before air conditioning, starting waist high, extending to the top of a 14 foot ceiling. It's good to be able to see the rain and not just listen to the electronic detritus of power spikes in some cubicle. Watching it out on the farm is better still. For a farmer, timely rain is a very good thing, and in these years of drought, a hard rain is even better. Sheep are built out of grass, and grass is built out of soil and water. Soil we have, but water has been in short supply lately.