Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The lamb count is now seventeen. The newest addition was born to a little black ewe who was intended to be part of the boys' 4-H project until the summer got away from us last year. I was a little suprised, because today's weather was actually pleasant. Temperatures got high enough to use the hose down the hill to the barn rather than hand-carrying milk jugs full of water to the lambing pens. Tonight we dip back down below freezing and stay there until Saturday. More births predicted.

Gideon Strauss is linking to more lists of things people love reminding me of my earlier stated intentions to do the same. In a way, this weblog is an ongoing report on the things, people and places I love, but nonetheless it is far from complete. I turn fifty this summer and perhaps it is a good time to reflect and see what it is that is still important at the half-century mark. Sounds like a good weekend project.