Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Unexpectedly warm weather threw spring into overdrive today. As I stood on the front porch with Susan, mating flights of bumblebees surrounded us. There was a large cottontail grazing on the lawn with the lambs who had snuck under the yard fence. John Richard, my youngest, was coming across the pasture from my in-laws holding the gift of a piece of pecan pie from my mother-in-law. He stopped just within shouting distance at the little run that flows from the spring by the barn and yelled "tadpoles!" I thought about going down to look, but was too struck by it all to move.
I've been informed of a flaw in my e-mail link to the left labelled "contact me" (Thanks Liz!) The problem should be fixed now. If anyone has tried to use it, and has received no response from me, please click the new improved version and try again.