Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My last post in April noted the wrap up of the "Crunchy Con" book blog. Author Rod Dreher has taken his title and favorite issues over to beliefnet.com where the discussion continues.

Artist Makoto Fujimura, who was also mentioned below, has an exhibit opening at American University's new museum space this Saturday in the flatlands east of us.

I leave you this evening with a picture of twin lambs, also recent arrivals.

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Rick Hanson said...

Dreher has a nice short blog entry under "A fitting epitaph for the GOP Congress" which describes how I feel about the GOP also. It goes:

Dan Larison identifies an astonishing quote from GOP Rep. Mike Pence, from a recent National Journal story:

"We may be the party of Big Government, but they are the party of Really Big Government."

Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe this.

It is pathetic, but at least Pence is honest about it.