Sunday, August 21, 2005

No, we have not opened a gyro stand here on the farm. The picture above is from the Greek Festival this weekend at the Orthodox Church in Winchester, Virginia I attend as an alternative to the long drive down into the city. For those of you who check in regularly, my apologies for the lack of updates this past month and a half. The press of work, a bit of travel and the odd bout of illness have all contributed to my blog holiday. Nonetheless, I am back, and regular farm blogging will resume shortly.

Here is your blogger doing his anglo best to master the art of Greek fast food. Who says an old dog can't learn a new trick?


Rick Hanson said...

Wow! Who took that picture of you behind the grill? It's brillant!

Also, I heard that you were promoted, in short order*, to the prep table because you showed great talent and promise. ;-)

* Pun intended.

Anonymous said...

I shoud know this by now but I don't... how do you say "gyro"?