Thursday, April 14, 2005

Today's link is Moonmeadow Farm, a blog from the mountains of North Carolina. (North Carolina is the quiet cousin stuck between South Carolina and Virginia; a "gentle valley between two towering mountains of conceit" as I heard one wag put it.) She raises goats on 85 rented acres and the family is searching for a more permanent place in the world. Our author also has a great quote on her site which is worth sharing here: "It is a rule of nature that taking a day off on a farm sets a person back at least a week. --Jane Hamilton in A Map of the World."

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Polly said...

Sorry I'm a little late. I came to catch up on your news and want to thank you for the link and kind words about my blog. What a lovely surprise!

Can't remember how I stumbled across yours but I love to come here and then wander over to Bishop Seraphim's and the other Orthodox links you have. I'm not Orthodox but have learned a lot and feel very comfortable amongst you guys!

Yes, homesteading is on hold but not for much longer.We move to our new farm in a few weeks.

I like to spin and knit so a small flock of sheep may be in our future once we are settled and have the place well fenced.

I pray all your lambs are born healthy and strong.