Sunday, February 20, 2005

Despite all appearances, these lambs are twins, one a little ram, the other a ewe. For a picture of what the gentleman on the left with the white face and black nose looked like as a newborn, click here.


Rick Hanson said...

My daughter, Eleni, who just turned six today, thinks these lambs are "very cute" -- a direct quote.

By the way, we are in Williamsburg now and just got back from a presidential celebration. A small artillery battery set up behind the courthouse (on the Market Square field) and, in celebration, fired a shot for each state where U.S. Presidents originated; then a final volley for the office of the President itself. I got some photos, including flashes from two different guns. Hope you and yours are doing well.

John said...

Please give Eleni my best wishes and many happy returns of the day!

JBB said...

Thanks for posting another picture of the lambs. They are so sweet!