Sunday, January 23, 2005

The predicted big snow turned out to be two inches of powder with high winds. The boys spent yesterday afternoon sledding. By this afternoon the sun and high winds had stripped the east facing slopes of all but a dusting. Feeding at sunset, I watched the moon rise over skyline drive. There was a new lamb in the barn, and twins born earlier that needed a trip up to the house for some emergency care. By the time all chores were done, the sky was dark and Orion was just peeking over Skyline Drive.


Michael Spencer said...

Love your blog John.

I work at a boarding school in Southeast Ky as campus minister. The school has a large farm. 300+ pigs. 100 cattle. 50+ goats. Many of the kids work on the farm as their job. It's great. You make me want to tell the farm manager to go for sheep next.

John said...

Thanks Michael! If you all are coping with 50+ goats, sheep should be a breeze.