Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Nursing a scraped leg tonight, the result of herding a llama in the dark. "Tippy the Toolman" (he came with the name) had gotten into the yard somehow when the sheep dislodged a fence rail. My youngest had replaced the rail without getting the llama out. Not wanting a llama on the lawn overnight, I took down two rails and set about persuading him to leave. I sent the older son to the right. I cut left across the driveway and took a header on the gravel, ripping out the right leg of my pants and scouring a patch off my knee the size of an old British penny. I had just enough breath left to speculate on the chances of eternal salvation for anything in the surrounding area. Tippy snuck out during the excitement, leaving me to reassemble my trousers, my dignity and the fence.

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